Nobby Machine is challenging new technology development. Particularly we are competitive in making springs for ballpoint pen tip as well as tip assembly.
Precision Spring Coiling Machine TOSCO C1/Spring Coiling Machine for ballpoint pen tip TOSCO C1-TIP
Ballpoint pen tip assembly machine TOSCO ABS-01


Wire & thin plate forming machine TOSCO F2 has been released. Accordingly, the long-lasted model TOSCO F1 is now discontinued.

The prototype of Precision Forming Machine “TOSCO F-2” has been complete. The details shall be shown on this site as soon as ready. .

The cerificate number for second-hand dealing is updated here.

Delivery record is added on “About us” menu. Please have a look from here.

Video for TOSCO ABS-01 TIP Assembly Machine has been uploaded on Product page.

Video for TOSCO C1-TIP Coiling Machine has been uploaded on Product page.

“About us” page is updated.

New web site with new domain released

Prototype of processional motion of rotating body completed.